Francis E. Lyn 

                                        ASSOCIATE DIRECTOR and ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR
                                        School of Architecture
                                        (954) 762-5608
                                        Curriculum Vitae


Francis Elliot Lyn received his Master of Architecture from Princeton University and his Bachelor of Architecture from the University of Miami. He has taught at various Florida institutions in the areas of design, drawing, and architectural theory. His architectural work has received national recognition and has been included in national and international exhibitions. Premiated projects include a new courthouse for Williamsburg Virginia, (in collaboration with Jorge L. Hernandez), as well as the Grand Egyptian Museum and the Graphisoft Conference Center Competitions (in collaboration with Dr. Peter Magyar and Aron Temkin), both of which received recognition from the AIA. His current research deals with Scandinavian modernism, with a particular focus on the work of Erik Gunnar Asplund. His research also focuses on the importance of both analog and digital methods of representation in the production of architecture. He has presented papers on his research at numerous conferences, both nationally and internationally. Most recently his research has been included as an invited chapter in a text, and has also been published in several scholarly journals. Currently, Professor Lyn is the Junior Phase coordinator for the FAU School of Architecture.