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Highway Capacity Analyses Made Simple – Introducing the HCM Reference Guide

FMRI & Co-hosted by the ITE FAU Student Chapter
March 29th, 2024 at 11:00 AM (ET)
Room EE 303, Engineering East Building, Florida Atlantic University

For decades, the Highway Capacity Manual has been an essential standard for evaluating the capacity and level of service of several road elements. As the methods evolved, so did the complexity of its calculations. The current release (7th Edition) has 38 chapters and 2,500+ pages, which may be intimidating for those who do not work with it on a daily basis. The HCM Reference Guide, published in 2022, is a concise document intended to provide essential knowledge to those analyzing or reviewing studies based on the HCM. It supplements, fills gaps, further explains, and provides key insights into some complex procedures that are often misunderstood. This webinar will provide an overview of the HCM Reference Guide and discuss potential applications of this document. Presented by Fabio Sasahara, Associate Director at McTrans Center at the University of Florida.


Enhancing Transportation Safety and Infrastructure Intelligence Through Customized AI and Edge Computing

FMRI & Co-hosted by the ITE FAU Student Chapter
March 22nd, 2024 at 12:00 PM (ET)
Room EE 303, Engineering East Building, Florida Atlantic University

This presentation will explore the pivotal role of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in enhancing road transportation systems, boosting infrastructure intelligence, and improving transportation safety. Given that transportation networks extend across both urban and rural areas, the limitations in bandwidth and the costs associated with the communication network may prevent the timely transfer of all roadway data for processing in the cloud or on a server. Furthermore, numerous transportation applications, such as those involving connected vehicles, demand near-real-time responses to guarantee safety and efficiency. Consequently, there's a significant push towards processing, storing, and analyzing data at the edge—closest to where data is produced or utilized—giving rise to a rapidly expanding research area known as edge computing. Dr. Yinhai Wang, professor at the University of Washington (UW), will provide real-world examples to demonstrate how tailored AI approaches are developed and implemented on edge computing platforms to boost transportation safety and infrastructure intelligence. Opportunities of AI research and applications as well as potential challenges with AI, such as concerns related to privacy, security, and equity, will also be discussed in this talk.


Key Aspects of Decision Making in Transportation

FMRI & Co-hosted by the WTS FAU Student Chapter
February 29, 2024 at 12:00 PM (ET)
Onlinhe Webinar (Zoom)

This online webinar will feature Dimitrios J. Dimitriou and Dr. Maria Sartzetaki.
Dr. Dimitrios J. Dimitriou is Assistant Professor in the Department of Economics, Democritus University of Thrace, Greece, providing graduate and MBA courses on transport economics, investment appraisal, decision making, risk assessment and transport business. He holds a Doctorate in air transport demand forecasting, a MSc in airport management, a MSc in transport infrastructures environmental planning, and and a Diploma in Civil Engineering (Transportation). His 20 years of experience focused on planning, operation, management, business development, investment appraisal, change management, institutional set-up and economics in the field of transport and infrastructure development. Dr. Dimitriou has published several peer review papers in referred journals, international conferences and scientific editions. He participates in international professional associations, business forums, committee of experts and he has achieved many executive positions in transport industry. He is Chairman of the Board at Athens International Airport since 2016.
Dr. Maria Sartzetaki hods a Doctorate in Philosophy (PHD) in transport infrastructure economic development, a MSc in Computational modelling for evaluating Airports Economic Impact, a MSc in Planning, Organizing and Managing Transportation Systems, and and a Diploma in Civil Engineering (Transportation). Her research contribution include: (a) 14 papers in peer review referred journals; (b) 18 papers in international peer review conferences; (c) 25 presentations in international and national congresses and workshops; and (d) contribution in 5 research projects with universities. In addition, she has contributed in organizing committees in international conferences and scientific missions. She is a Young Researcher member.

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