Clarissa chenovick

Faculty Photo for Clarissa Chenovick

Clarissa Chenovick is Assistant Professor of British Renaissance Literature. She received her PhD in English from Fordham University (2017) and holds an M.Phil in Renaissance Literature from the University of Cambridge (2008). At Florida Atlantic, she teaches courses in Renaissance poetry, prose, and drama. Dr. Chenovick’s research focuses on the intersections between science, religion, and literature in late medieval and early modern England. Her current book project “Repentant Readers” examines how pre- and post-Reformation penitential writings use medical language to describe the spiritual and physical cures they offer their readers. She is also at work on a second project, tentatively titled “Embodying Grace in Seventeenth-Century England,” which will focus on seventeenth-century uses of the concept of medical spiritus as an analogy for divine grace, especially in the work of the poet George Herbert. Her work has appeared in English Literary History, The Journal of Medieval and Early Modern Studies, and The Huntington Library Quarterly.