Nico Cassanetti

Nico Cassanetti

Nico Cassanetti graduated from The New School with a B.A. in Literary Studies & Creative Writing in 2011 and an M.F.A. in Creative Writing  from Florida Atlantic University in Spring 2016.

Her creative works have appeared in The A3 Review , Release Literary Magazine, Scratch Anthology, Proximity Magazine , 3Elements Review, and The Indianola Review. She has also written editorial pieces for The Faster Times, Bustle, LIFE|STYLE Magazine , Muses & Visionaries Magazine, and more.

Nico is currently a Senior Instructor of English at FAU where she teaches Interpretation of Fiction, Interpretation of Nonfiction, Special Topics in College Composition. She also regularly teaching Honors Creative Writing at FAU’s Wilkes Honors College in Jupiter.


Fall 2022 Special Topics Course Description

ENC1939.001 & ENC1939.002
UnFollow: Culture & Identity on the Internet

Do you ever think about what your life would be like with the internet? Do you have anxiety at the thought of being without your phone? In a world where you can be connected to people 24/7, how often do you consider how the digital technologies we use every day are changing society and our sense of self? This class explores questions of morality and civility situated within the digital culture of various online environments—from social media to mass data storage—as well as investigating the ways in which Americans culturally and socially determine what should (or shouldn’t) be consider “ethical” in our increasingly virtual world.

(Both sections of this class are fully online asynchronous)