Connecting to 'fauguest' Wireless


fauguest is intended for users who require temporary access to the FAU network.

  • Guest network
  • Login with a 10-digit phone number

Connecting to fauguest Wireless

  1. Make sure the wireless is enabled on your device.
  2. Look for available wireless network on your device and join the FAUGuest wireless network.
  3. A window will pop up that will ask for your username and password.
  4. Click on “Request a Login” at the bottom of the screen.

    Request a Login

  5. In the box enter your 10-digit cell phone number that can receive text messages (standard text messaging rates apply). Click Send SMS.

    Send SMS

  6. You will see a confirmation.

    SMS Confirmation

  7. Once you receive the text message enter your 10-digit phone number as your username.

    Text Message

  8. Enter the 6 digit password given to you via the text message you received and login.

    Enter Password

  9. You are now connected to the FAUGuest wireless network. You will be able to connect to the network for up to 72 hours after receiving your login information. If you need to connect after 72 hours you will need to repeat steps 1–7 to log back in. For more information or if you are experiencing issues please call (561) 297-3999 or contact us online at For walk-in support on our different campuses visit

 Last Modified 11/8/16