E-Classrooms | Jupiter Campus

FAU has room standards based on the type of equipment assigned to the classroom. These standards are used by the Registrar's Office to effectively assign space based on the pedagogical needs of each instructor.

Overall, there are 30 electronic classrooms at the Jupiter campus, Administration (AD), the Education and Classroom (EC), the Hibel Fine Arts (HA), the Honors College (HC), the Wilkes Psychology (WB), the Research Facility (RF), the Research Expansion Facility (RE), and the Student Resources (SR) buildings.

For regular classes, these facilities must be booked through the Registrar's Office prior to the scheduling of the academic term. For more information about the Jupiter campus electronic classroom facilities, please contact Marc Verdieu, Coordinator of Media/AV Services, at 561-799-8413.

E-Classrooms by Buildings


9 rooms

Room Capacity
AD-102 30
AD-103 30
AD-104 30
AD-119 250
AD-122 30
AD-202 30
AD-204 28
AD-205 30
AD-206 28

Student Resources

7 rooms

Room Capacity
SR-209 40
SR-209 30
SR-209 30
SR-209 30
SR-209 24
SR-209 30
SR-209 30


6 rooms

Room Capacity
EC-101 30
EC-102 30
EC-104 30
EC-105 30
EC-201 16
EC-202C 16

Honors College

3 rooms

Room Capacity
HC-114 16
HC-115 16
HC-116 16

Hibel Fine Arts

2 rooms

Room Capacity
HA-102 28
HA-104 18

Wilkes Psychology

1 room

Room Capacity
WB-105 30

Research Facility

1 room

Room Capacity
RF-119 30

Research Expansion

1 room

Room Capacity
RE-201 30