Carolina Estrada-Gutsche

Carolina Estrada-Gutsche


PhD, University of Lancaster, UK (anticipated 2023)

Bio: Carolina Estrada is a Visiting Instructor in the School of Communication and Multimedia Studies at FAU where she teaches classes, such as Gender and Television, Minorities and the Media, and Media Criticism. Originally from Colombia, Carolina completed her master’s degree in Gender and Women Studies and Sociology at Lancaster University, in the U.K., where she studied the eroticization of news coverage of sex crimes. She is currently finishing her doctoral degree in Media and Cultural Studies in Lancaster’s Department of Sociology’s Media and Cultural Studies program. Her current research focuses on the “Narco Novela” and the role of women in televised series depicting drug trafficking and violence. She has published research in Journalism Practice and in the book News of Baltimore: Race, Rage, and the City (Routledge).

Recent Publications


MMC 3601 Minorities and the Media 
MMC 4501Media Criticism 
RTV 4412 Gender and Television