2022 small flier


So your teen didn’t quite make it in to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry? Why not enroll them in the next best thing - the Sci Fi Collab Lab. This camp will run for one week. Students will receive intensive instruction in creative writing with a focus on science fiction and fantasy, working together to create a collaborative writing project. They will use English department resources and be instructed by graduate students in the Creative Writing MFA program of the English department. Camp cost is $290, which includes a copy of a pinrtable PDF magazine of campers’ work. No experience is required! Teens will read and write together as part of a community of creative writers. Space is limited. Please feel free to email (mfa@fau.edu) with any questions.

Register by filling out the registration form for 2022, this Additional Paperwork for SCIFI Collab Lab, and paying via FAU Marketplace.