Carla María Thomas

Carla Thomas

Carla María Thomas received her BA and MA degrees from Florida State University (2006 and 2008, respectively), and she received her PhD from New York University in 2016. She's currently working on a book that traces the development of an accentual verse form used in medieval English religious devotional poetry from the late twelfth century until at least the first half of the fourteenth century, moving from long homiletic verse to shorter mystical verse often read by women. The book takes into consideration the rhythmical prose of the Old English homilies of Ælfric and Wulfstan, the metrical Latin psalms, the "minor" poetry of the Old and Early Middle English periods, and the multilingual devotional literary tradition of the thirteenth century in England. She is also at work on a digital edition and translation of Poema Morale, as well as a prose translation of the Ormulum.