Skye Cervone

Skye Cervone

Skye Cervone is an Instructor of English at Florida Atlantic University, where she also completed her Ph.D. in Comparative Studies. She has taught courses in Composition, Fiction, Drama, Creative Nonfiction, and Literary Theory. 

Dr. Cervone’s research focuses on the relationship between animals and capitalism in science fiction, and she is interested in texts which aim to change the conversation surrounding animals and imagine alternatives to traditional thinking surrounding animal subjectivity. Her dissertation, Living Capital: Situating Animals within Capitalist Modes of Production in Science Fiction, argues that capitalism has the ability to and does shape the ways in which humans classify, respond to, and value animal life, their relationships to animals, and their relationships to one another.

She is currently the Public Information Officer for the International Association for the Fantastic in the Arts and served as their Student Caucus Representative from 2014-2016. She has been an editor for The Eaton Journal of Archival Research in Science Fiction and a peer reviewer for the Journal for the Fantastic in the Arts. Dr. Cervone’s work has appeared in Science Fiction Film and Television, The Eaton Journal of Archival Research in Science Fiction, The New York Review of Science Fiction, and Animalia: An Anthrozoology Journal. She was also recently interviewed for the “Meet the Future” feature of the SFRA Review

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