Multimodal Intelligent Transportation Systems Laboratory

Evangelos I. Kaisar

Director: Evangelos I. Kaisar, Ph.D.


The Multimodal Intelligent Transportation Systems Laboratory (MITSL) offers a unique opportunity for students interested in the transportation field to get involved with different transportation research areas. MITSL has various sponsored research projects related to the following areas:

  • preparedness and catastrophic events management and associated strategic planning
  • port operations/intermodal and logistics
  • traffic operations and safety, transit, etc.

The lab also aids in

  • computer simulation modeling for intelligent transportation systems applications
  • freight transportation
  • simulation modeling and application of operation research to urban service systems
  • transportation planning and evaluation or road-reconstruction user costs, and
  • evaluation of various traffic detection technologies.

Outstanding and responsible students are provided opportunities as research assistants and student interns in several projects sponsored by different entities such as the Federal Transit Administration, Florida Department of Transportation, Federal Emergency Management Agency, Department of Homeland Security and etc., allowing them to gain experience in a wide variety of transportation areas. The MITSL is also dedicated to supporting transportation education at the University. Researchers of the MITSL staff work with faculty members to develop interactive laboratory modules that help students understand advanced topics in traffic management The MITSL has also developed training events for transportation professionals, covering topics such as the effective use of traffic simulations.