College Directory


Dean Stella Batalama, Ph.D. 561.297.3426 EE 308
Associate Dean, Undergraduate Studies and Community Outreach Fred Bloetscher, Ph.D. 561.297.0744 EE 308M
Associate Dean, Graduate Studies Mihaela Cardei, Ph.D. 561.297.3459 EE 308N
Associate Dean, Research Javad Hashemi, Ph.D. 561.297.3483 EE 308L
Associate Dean, Faculty Affairs, Equity and Inclusion Shihong Huang, Ph.D. 561.297.1275 EE 308K
Asst. Dean, Lab Operations & Engineering & Technology Paul Scarpinato 561.297.4480 EE 308J
Asst. Dean, Finance, Operations & Enrollment Management Iselgis Garcia 561.297.3453 EE 308H
Director of Development Michael O. Miller 561.297.2083 EE 308I
Dir., Exec. & Academic Admin. Affairs Marilyn Cordy-Burrell 561.297.3426 EE 308G
Asst. Director, Graphic Design and Marketing Adlai Moss 561.297.1399 EE 308Q
Asst. Director, Academic Support Services Wendy Burrion 561.297.3549 EE 308S
Coordinator, Academic Support Services Stacy DiMarco 561.297.4552 EE 308R
Administrative Specialist Trudy Jeffries 561.297.3400 EE 308


Civil, Environmental & Geomatics Engineering (CEGE)
Chair Yan Yong, Ph.D. 561.297.3445 EW 204
Electrical Engineering & Computer Science (EECS)
Chair Hanqi Zhuang, Ph.D. 561.297.3413 EE 403A
Ocean & Mechanical Engineering (OME)
Chair Manhar Dhanak, Ph.D. 561.297.2827 EW 173