Biophotonics Laboratory

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Department of Electrical Engineering & Computer Science
Biophotonics Lab, FL 105 and BS 421
Florida Atlantic University
777 Glades Road, Boca Raton 33431

Changing the World

Diseases like heart disease and diabetes are extremely prevalent in the United States, as well as in other parts of the world. Florida Atlantic University's Biophotonics Lab team members hope to help quantify and deduce what is needed to help treat some of those diseases. Biomedical optics research allows for the study of the effect of photons on tissue, as well as the effect tissue has on photons. These interactions can help lead to conclusions that could cure diseases that were previously thought incurable.

Biophotonics Laboratory

Florida Atlantic University's Biophotonics Lab, founded and directed by Dr. Mahsa Ranji, focuses its research endeavors on the optical technology department for biomedical applications. Within the lab, students use their engineering background to build optoelectronic systems for applications in biomedical imaging and monitor the metabolism of organs with light. The Biophotonics Lab team hopes that the research they do will help to better understand the mechanics and dynamics of metabolic biomarkers and develop new and efficient treatments for ailments such as diabetes and heart disease.


FAU’s Biophotonics Lab team is invested in quality research that can be applied to everyday life. The lab focuses on noninvasive optical tissue diagnostic techniques, which could allow doctors to diagnose patients with any disease without requiring surgery.