Frequently Asked Questions about SCMS

What degrees do you offer?

There are two Bachelor of Arts degrees—the Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies and the Bachelor of Arts in Multimedia Studies.

What are the sequences?

The Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies is a unified curriculum that includes one sequence: Communication Studies.
The Bachelor of Arts in Multimedia Studies includes two distinct sequences: Film, Video & New Media Multimedia Journalism.

What do you mean by sequence?

A sequence is a focused course of study that prepares students for certain kinds of careers.

What careers do particular sequences prepare me for?

Communication Studies—law, politics and public relations, human relations training, and general liberal arts.
Film, Video & New Media—film and video production and criticism, animation and new media industries.
Multimedia Journalism—print, broadcast and electronic journalism.

Do all sequences have the same minimum requirements?

The sequence in the BA in Communication Studies requires 36 credit hours of courses. The sequences in the BA in Multimedia studies require 38 credit hours because of the senior practicum.

If I start in one sequence, can I transfer to another?

Yes you can, but it may mean taking more credit hours to meet new requirements.

Is it possible to follow two sequences at the same time?

Yes, however, it will involve additional semester hours beyond the normal 120 required for graduation.