Jamie Robb


Email: jrobb2@fau.edu

Office: CU 215

Areas of Expertise: Rhetoric and Health Communication 

Jaime Robb, Ph.D., is an Assistant Professor of Communication at Florida Atlantic University.  His research explores inequalities in contemporary society at the intersection of health, rhetoric, and communication surrounding marginalized populations. He uses qualitative research methods to examine how the day-to-day health experiences of marginalized populations are impacted by macro-level social forces, such as health policy, economic inequality, and racism. In particular, he focuses on advancing health communication and rhetorical scholarship that engages critically with the experiences of those individuals living at the margins of dominant systems of power. By aiming to be reflexive in my approach to qualitative engagements, his work aims to illuminate the role of communication and media representation in facilitating and reinforcing systems of power that work against marginalized populations.

Recent Publications

Robb, J. (2022). A Clash of Culture and Structure: Considering Barriers to Access for People Without Papers, Health Communication, 1-9

Robb.J. (2021). Marginalized Health Communities: Understanding Communities of “People
without Papers” as Silent Networks of Survival. Communication Research and Practice

Robb, J. (2022). Reflexivity and Solidarity in Culture-Centered Research with Marginalized Populations. In J. Cruz, D.Munshi, & M. Pal (Eds.), Organizing at the Margins - Theorizing Organizations of Struggle in the Global South. Palgrave Macmillan.

Robb, J & Basu, A (2022). Survival against odds: Undocumented immigrants and communication about access to health care in the United States. In G. Kreps, & K. Kim (Eds.), Global Health Communication for Immigrants and Refugees: Cases, Theories, and Strategies. Routledge: NY

Robb. J. (2022). Universal “post-AIDS” discourse: A rhetorical end game. In A. Basu, A. Spieldenner, & P. Dillon (Eds.), Post-AIDS Discourse in Health Communication: Sociocultural Interpretations. Routledge: NY


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