Alejandra Abad

Andrea Miller


MFA, University of Colorado


Office:  HE 1008G, Fort Lauderdale Campus

Areas of Expertise:  Interdisciplinary Media Art Practices, Digital Media, Storytelling, The Moving Image, Video Art, Installation, Animation

Bio: Born in Caracas, Venezuela, Alejandra Abad is an interdisciplinary visual media artist and educator who explores belonging and mutual compassion as key parts of collective wellness. Through layering, abstraction, and light, she creates new landscapes that relate to place, family, and community.

Her style is informed by architectural studies at Florida Atlantic University, Film/Video/New Media/Animation at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, and Interdisciplinary Media Art Practices at The University of Colorado.

She uses analog and digital processes for the projection of moving images in public spaces which are rooted in her pedagogy of care. This has led to a series of works centered on environmental futures and the implication of the anthropocene. Her work connects the histories of anticolonial movements, international surrealism, and magical realism to her own experiences in new spaces.

Recent Publications/ Exhibitions/ Performances

2023 | Beyond Sound Side Stories (Outdoor Film Festival in the RiNo Art District), Denver CO

2023 | The Drying West Site-Specific Installation, Understudy, Denver CO

2022 | All Creatures Animation, Silent Screen (curated by Beatie Wolfe), Denver CO

2022 | YARA Projected Animation (onto Daniels & Fisher Tower), Denver CO

2021 | UNTITLED The Spirit Survives (Featured Artist), Denver Art Museum, Denver CO 

2021 | Heirlooms Installation, PlatteForum, Denver CO

2021 | Memoria y Mitos Installation, Pompano Beach Cultural Center, FL 

2021-2023 | VIDA, Animation. Screenings: Meow Wolf, Supernova Digital Animation Festival, Buell Theater & Sie FilmCenter, ALC Video (Art Festival, Museo de Aguas Alicante, Spain), UNTITLED Denver Art Museum

2021-2023 | Un País Olvidado, Reliquias de Vigencia (Forgotten Country, Relics of Agency) 

  • Installation I, CU Art Museum, Boulder, CO
  • Installation II, CO, Arbor Institute, Boulder, CO
  • Installation III, Out of Many, More: Voices of The Americas, CU Denver Experience Gallery, CO

2020-2023 | Our Wishes , Participatory Installation at Boulder Library, Boulder CO

Current Residencies & Memberships

AiR Artist in Residence, Pompano Beach Arts

Board Member at Denver Digerati 


2022 | El videoarte sale a la calle en Alicante, ALC Videoart Festival inicia las proyecciones en dos pantallas fuera de los museos y en el MACA , by África Prado

2021 | As the pandemic winds down, Denver galleries gear up There’s a lot of good art to get excited about by Ray Mark Rinaldi, Denver Post 

2021 | Artist Profile: Alejandra Abad, Taking Art Out of the Exhibition Space and Into Her Communities by Jillian Blackwell, DARIA Magazine 

2020 | Environmental Futures Conversations , by Amy Hoagland




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