Department of CEGE Advisory Board

The Department of Civil, Environmental and Geomatics Engineering (CEGE) Advisory Board (DAB) recognizes the continuing interest of working to ensure that the graduates of the Department are well prepared to support the needs of and play leadership roles in civil, environmental and geomatics engineering related professions. All DAB members are expected to assist the Department of CEGE, its faculty and staff with its creative development and the fulfillment of the Department, College, and University missions.

The DAB will seek to support the development of the Department by advising and assisting in the continued growth and evolution of all academic, resources, outreach and events programs. Specifically, the objectives of the DAB are:

Academic: To consult with the Department faculty regarding issues related to the educational mission of the Department; to advise the Department of the needs of the profession and related industries from the perspective of public and private enterprise with respect to the implications of those requirements upon the curriculum; to review and evaluate the Department’s strategic plans, specific programs, and new initiatives.

Resources: To assist the Department in locating funds and gifts for its educational, research, and outreach programs; to develop and recommend to the Department opportunities for faculty to assist in applied research and development projects/grants; and to assist the Department in planning/development of laboratory facilities.

Outreach: To develop and recommend to the Department effective programs for recruiting outstanding undergraduate and graduate students to the Department and to internships, co-op, and permanent positions; to serve as a medium through which the citizens of Florida and employers worldwide are informed about the excellence of the Department of Civil, Environmental and Geomatics Engineering at Florida Atlantic University; to assist in lobbying activities.

Events: To work together with the Department to support engineering-related student chapter activities at FAU; provide opportunities for engineering-related field trips; assist in organizing continuing education opportunities; and provide technical presentations for the students on civil, environmental and geomatics engineering related issues and applications.

The current members of the DAB are as follows:

Aneesh Goly, Ph.D., P.E.
Director of Operations, Smart Structures

S. S. Rajpathak, P.E., S.I., C.P.S.
President, SRI Consultants, Inc.

Ryan Wheeler, P.E., LEED AP
Vice President, Caulfied & Wheeler, Inc.