Honors Program in Sociology

Through writing and research intensive coursework and participation in an original research project, Sociology Honors students will have firsthand experience with all aspects of the research process including working collaboratively with fellow students and faculty, writing and revising a journal article length piece, and presenting findings in a professional setting.


Students successfully complete nine credits of honors coursework (three credits of research methods, six credits in a substantive area of sociology) and a capstone thesis.


Three Credits of Research Methods (select one of the following):

1. Graduate level methods course (Research Methods, Qualitative Methods, or Quantitative Methods)

2. Undergraduate methods course with an Honors compact (3 credits).


Six Credits in a Substantive Area (select two of the following):

1. Graduate seminar in the area of research interest of the student.

2. Research Intensive 4000-level sociology course or 4000-sociology course with an honors compact.

3. A 1-3 credit Directed Independent Study (DIS) or Directed Independent Research (DIR) with a faculty member.


Capstone Experience (select one of the following):

1. Independent Thesis

2. Thesis with a Collaborative Research Team


Admission Requirements:

1. A minimum overall GPA of 3.5

2. A minimum overall sociology GPA of 3.7

3. Minimum of 12 credits in sociology completed

4. Complete an application (link below)


Benefits to Students:

  • Gain research skills required for graduate school and careers.
  • Improve writing skills
  • Increased interaction with faculty members in the sociology department
  • Completion of undergraduate degree with honors distinction (Honors recognition with cord at graduation)



Download and fill out this application. Send to Dr. Laura Backstrom, Director of the Honors Program via email (lbackstrom@fau.edu) or deliver to the sociology department in the Culture and Society Building (CU) Room 253.