Faculty Research Specializations

Faculty Research Specialty Groups are faculty members with common areas of expertise. See our Faculty Profiles for more details about each professor’s research areas.

We pride ourselves on being methodologically diverse and covering a wide breadth of sociological topics. Students will find multiple faculty working in the following areas: 

Social Theory

  • Branaman, Harvey, Hough, Koppelman, Lewin, Seeley

Qualitative Methods

  • Backstrom, Harvey, Koppelman, Lewin, Seeley


  • Backstrom, Harvey, Koppelman, Seeley

Political Economy 

  • Harvey, Hough, Koppelman, Lewin, Widener

Lifecourse: Aging, Youth, Adulthood

  • Backstrom, Branaman, Lewin, McConnell

Cities/Communities/Urban Sociology

  • Koppelman, Harvey, Lewin, Widener


  • Backstrom, Lewin, McConnell

Microsociology/Social Psychology

  • Backstrom, Branaman, Seeley


  • Harvey, Hough, Lewin, Widener

Environment/Sustainable Development

  • Hough, Lewin, Widener