Featured Graduate Courses 

Graduate Seminars

Graduate seminars in sociology are built around the in-depth study of particular research questions, methodologies, or sociological subfields. The array of seminars provides students with the opportunity to develop a broad background in sociology. Five carefully-selected seminars are offered every term. The two courses are required for the MA degree: Social Theory, which is offered in alternate Springs, and Research Methods and Design, which is offered every Fall.

Recently Offered Graduate Courses

  • Healthy Aging with Dr. Will McConnell
  • Political Economy of Culture with Dr. Philip Lewin 
  • Globalization and Development with Dr. Carter Koppelman 
  • Microsociology with Dr. Lotus Seeley 
  • Self and Identity with Dr. Ann Branaman 
  • Sociology of Childhood with Dr. Laura Backstrom 
  • Labor and Globalization with Dr. Phillip Hough 
  • Disasters with Dr. Patricia Widener

Upcoming Graduate Courses 

Fall 2023

  • Class, Status, and Power with Dr. Daniel Auguste
  • Research Methods and Design with Dr. Lotus Seeley
  • Sociology of Gender with Dr. Yangsook Kim
  • Social Movements with Dr. Patricia Widener
  • Urbanization with Dr. Carter Koppelman

Spring 2024

  • Contemporary Social Theory with Dr. Ann Branaman
  • Politics of Risk with Dr. Matty Lichtenstein
  • The Affordable Housing Crisis with Dr. Philip Lewin
  • Sociology of Emotion with Dr. Lotus Seeley
  • Sociology of Food with Dr. Phillip Hough