city of dania beach direct potable reuse project (HydroCoastal Engineering)

Department of Civil, Environmental and Geomatics Engineering

The City of Dania Beach Direct Potable Reuse Project (HydroCoastal Engineering)


The Dania Beach Direct Potable Reuse Project aims to use treated wastewater as a new source of raw water for the city of Dania Beach to reduce ocean outfalls. This project diverts raw wastewater flows to a new wastewater treatment plant and utilizes the existing water treatment plant to create potable water. The project is set to achieve LEED Gold Certification and will meet a 20-year design horizon.

Community Benefit: This project will reduce the environmental impact of groundwater depletion as the City of Dania Beach faces a shortage in its raw water supply. The wastewater facility features an education center that allows the community to get involved in water resources and sustainability.

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