Surveying and Mapping Certificate

Surveying and Mapping Certificate

The Department of Civil, Environmental and Geomatics Engineering offers undergraduates a certificate in Surveying and Mapping. Students are entitled to the certificate by completing a minimum of 12 credits of coursework with a grade of "C" or better. Selected courses must be checked for the proper prerequisites. The certificate is open to both degree-seeking and non-degree-seeking students.

Required Courses (3 credits)

  • SUR 3103 Geomatics (1)
  • SUR 3103L Geomatics Lab (1)

Select additional courses from below for a minimum of 9 credits

  • SUR 4331 Digital Photogrammetry Principles and Applications (2)
  • SUR 4331L Digital Photogrammetry Principles and Applications Lab (2)
  • SUR 3141 Automated Surveying and Mapping (2)
  • SUR 3141L Automated Surveying and Mapping Lab (2)
  • SUR 4530 Geodesy and Geodetic Positioning (4)
  • SUR 4530L Geodesy and Geodetic Positioning Lab (4)
  • SUR 3520 Measurement Theory and Data Adjustments (3)
  • SUR 3205 Engineering and Construction Surveying (4)
  • SUR 3205L Engineering and Construction Surveying Lab (4)
  • SUR 4403 Cadastral Principles and Legal Aspects
  • SUR 4384 Thermal Infrared Remote Sensing and Applications
  • GIS 4043C Principles of Geographic Information System
  • CCE 4514C Introduction to Laser Mapping Technology


(1) Requires knowledge of geometry and trigonometry.
(2) Requires SUR 3103/SUR 3103L, Geomatics and Lab, as prerequisites.
(3) Requires SUR 3103/SUR 3103L, Geomatics and Lab and introductory statistics, as prerequisites.
(4) Requires SUR 3141/SUR 3141L, Automated Surveying and Mapping with Lab, as prerequisites.

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