EH&S Policies and Procedures

EH&S-SOP-001 - Boca Raton Campus Fire Alarms 

EH&S-SOP-002 - Satellite Campus Fire Alarms 

EH&S-SOP-003 - Thor Guard Lightning Prediction System 

EH&S-SOP-004 - Laboratory Closeout/Transfer Procedures

EH&S-SOP-006 - Work Related Accident Investigation Procedures

EH&S P&P01 V1 - Building Permit Policy 

EH&S P&P02 V3 - Minors in Laboratories or Animal Facilities 

EH&S P&P03 V2 - Fire Watch Policy

EH&S P&P04 V2 - Use of Charter Aircraft for FAU Purposes

EH&S P&P05 V2 - Fire Department Access Notifications

EH&S P&P06 V2 - Correcting SFM Findings

EH&S P&P07 V2 - EH&S Inspection Policy

EH&S P&P08 V1 - FAU Illicit Discharge Policy

EH&S P&P09 V1 - Risk Management and Insurance

EH&S P&P 4 - Respiratory Protection
EH&S P&P 5 - Confined Space Entry
EH&S P&P 7 - Lockout/Tagout Policy
EH&S P&P 8 - Noise Control Policy
EH&S P&P 15 - Hazardous Chemical Waste Disposal Policy
EH&S P&P 16 - Dangerous Goods Receiving Policy
EH&S P&P 17 - Dangerous Goods Shipping Policy
EH&S P&P 19 - Hot Work Permit Policy
EH&S P&P 20 - Contractors Responsibilities on Minor Projects
EH&S P&P 21 - Regulated Storage Tanks
EH&S P&P 27 - Building Safety Personnel Program
EH&S P&P 29 - Chemical Fume Hoods
EH&S P&P 35 - Emergency Eyewash and Shower Equipment