Safety Manuals and PLANs

FAU EH&S Safety Manuals and Programs are published in electronic format only. If you wish to maintain paper copies, please be sure you have the latest version. EH&S will publicize updates and additions through email notifications and other means as necessary. Contact EH&S if you have any questions about which safety manuals and programs apply to your area.

PLN01 - Animal Research Health and Safety Plan V4 
MAN12 - AED Program Manual V2
MAN06 - Biological Safety Manual V3 
MAN09 - Biomedical Waste Program Manual 
PLN02 - Bloodborne Pathogen Exposure Control Plan V3 
MAN04 - Boating Safety Manual V2
PLN03 - Chemical Hygiene Plan V3
Confined Space Program
DOT Hazardous Materials Security Plan
MAN03 - Diving Safety Manual V2
MAN14 - Fire Safety Manual V2
MAN08 - Food Safety Manual V2
MAN11 - Hazard Communication Program Manual V2
Hazardous Waste Storage Facilities Contingency Plan
HazMat Manual
Hearing Conservation Program
MAN05 - Laboratory Safety Manual V2
Lockout/Tagout Program
MAN15 - MRI Safety Manual V1
MAN10 - Occupational Health Program Manual V2
Potentially Explosive Chemicals
MAN13 Public Health Manual V2
MAN01 - Radiation Safety Manual 
MAN02 - Radiation Machine Safety Manual 
Radiation Safety Manual for Lasers
Respiratory Protection Program
MAN07 Select Agent Program 
Spill Prevention, Control, and Countermeasure Plan (Boca Raton)
Spill Prevention, Control, and Countermeasure Plan (Harbor Branch)
MAN16 - Stormwater Management Program Manual V1