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Please follow the steps below and refer to the Food Safety Program Manual for details.


Obtaining a Food Event Waiver and Food Safety Permit

Step 1: Events on Boca or Jupiter Campuses-Contact Business Services for Food Waiver.  (Events on other Campuses see Step 2.) 

  • Complete the food waiver application. The application for a food waiver can be found at: FAU Business Services Food Waiver In addition, waiver applications can be picked at Student Services Building 8 West Room 124. For more information regarding Food Waiver Requests, please contact Business Services at 561-297-2041 or
  • Once the approved Food Waiver has been returned to the sponsoring department, the department will obtain the Certificate of Insurance (for fully catered onsite events) and Business License for all vendors.
  • The sponsor of the event must complete the FAU Food Safety Permit Form to complete the process if serving food and drinks at open events.. The event is not approved without completing all steps..

Step 2: FAU Food Safety Permit Form (Click here)

  • All applicable spaces must be complete.  Please make sure to give contact information including phone number and email.  Please give complete list of all food and drink being served during the event.  
  • If caterer/vendor is not serving the food, all persons involved with cooking, serving, and transport of food must complete the FAU Food Safety Training; , also see instructions under FAU Food Safety Program Manual “Education and Training.”
  • All FAU servers must complete the training and their names and dates of training entered on the form.
    Please make sure to list all safety procedures being used during the event to ensure food is kept safe and at the proper temperatures. 
  • The Director of the Sponsoring Department or other appropriate approver must complete the following:
    • Verify all fields of the form are complete.
    • Verify the presence of a food waiver from Business Services.
    • Verify that all servers have completed the EHS Food Safety Training.
    • Sign the form
    • Once the form is complete, it will become your permit.

Step 3.  Food Safety Permit Package 

  • After approval by the Director of Sponsoring Department, the sponsor will send a copy of the Food Safety Permit Package to EHS and Business Services including:
    • Completed Food Safety Permit Form,
    • Approved Food waiver,
    • Certificate of Insurance (for fully catered events only)
    • Business License

Step 4 – Display of Food Safety Permit Package

  • Sponsors must display the Food Safety Permit Package prominently at events.


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