Golf Cart & Utility Vehicle Safety Information


Departments with Golfcarts:

Read the revised University Policy 4.1.6 Golf Carts and Utility Vehicles.  Changes include:

  • New Golf Cart Request Form in Workday
  • New requirement for seatbelts on all golf carts.
  • New golf cart purchases must have sealed batteries.
  • Requests for all golf cart repairs and inspections will be made through FAMIS by departments
  • Non-operational golfcarts or golfcarts in disrepair will be taken out of service and surplused by departments
  • Golf carts abandoned, improperly parked, or out of compliance may be impounded.

For Purchases/Transfers/Donations: 

  1. Contact Purchasing for approved vendors and best pricing
  2. Department head (or above) creates a Golf Cart Request in Workday (type Create Request and select Golf Cart/Utility Vehicle)
  3. Read the directions at the top of the form and fill out all required fields
  4. Upload required documents to the form
  5. Submit the form
  6. Request forms will route for approvals to EH&S, Facilities Managment, VP Administrative Affairs, and Property, depending upon the type of request.
  7. Respond promptly to any requests from approvers to avoid delays in processing
  8. An approved Golf Cart Request Form is required for all purchases, transfers, and donations.
  9. The approved Golf Cart Request Form must be attached to all requisitions for a new golf cart

Contact EH&S at if you have an existing cart that does not have a T# or is not labeled with your Department Name.

Parking and Charging

  • All golf cart requests require the identification of an approved and safe parking and charging location.
  • Facilities Management will evaluate all golf cart request forms for the identified parking and charging locations.
  • Deficiencies in the identified parking and charging location will be communicated to the department and a Work Order or Minor Project Request will be required to be submitted by the department along with a Tag#.

Inspection and Registration: 

  • New golf carts must be registered and inspected prior to use
  • A member of EH&S will contact the department to arrange registration and inspection
  • The department must provide a Tag# to cover fees associated with inspection and registration

Golf Cart Repair, Maintenance, Modifications, and Annual Inspection: 

  • All golf cart repairs, modifications, and maintenance must be requested through FAMIS
  • Annual golf cart annual inspections are required and must be requested through FAMIS
  • Visit the Facilities Management Webpage for Golf Carts/Utility Vehicles

Inoperable or Golf Carts in Disrepair: 

  • Carts in a state of disrepair or deemed unsafe may be impounded.
  • Inoperable carts must be repaired or surplused by the department.


  • Golf carts in violation of the policy or abandoned will be impounded.
  • Golf carts that are not properly maintained by the department or out of compliance may be impounded
  • Departments will be notified of impoundment, fees to release the cart from impoundment, and additional costs associated with repairs or maintenance.
  • Carts left impounded for more than 60 days will be forfeited and reissued to another department or surplused
  • Repeated impoundments may result in suspension of golf cart driving privileges. 


  • Registration:  Up to $35 for cart labeling, includes T# and Department Name.
  • Initial Inspection:  $50 per initial inspection
  • Annual Inspection: $50 plus labor and materials for repair, modifications, or maintenance, if required.   Contact Physical Plant for a quote.
  • Repairs, Modifications, & Maintenance: Includes labor and materials. Contact Physical Plant for a quote.
  • Impoundment:  Contact Physical Plant for the fee to release a cart from impoundment.

For more information on the Golf Cart policy please contact Environmental Health & Safety at or 561-719-6793.