Welcome to FAU SciShield

EH&S is pleased to introduce a new tool at FAU for the management of a variety of compliance areas including:

  • Laboratory Safety

  • Chemical Inventories

  • Radiation Safety

  • Laboratory Inspections

  • Hazardous Waste Management

  • Safety Data Sheets (SDS) for chemicals

  • Medical Monitoring for animal Research

  • and much more

The link to the live SciShield site is here . (Authorized FAU Personnel only)

EH&S offers 1:1 consultations with user.  Just contact one of our team members below for assistance. 

Tools and contact information are provided below.


Quick Start Guides for SciShield Users:

Check back to this page for more information in the future.

EH&S contacts for SciShield:

Josanne Hollingsworth-Maida - Laboratory Safety Officer - jhollingsworthma@fau.edu

Lisa Simoneau - EHS Systems Coordinator - lsimoneau@fau.edu 

Bill Ware - Environmental Compliance and Fire Safety Officer - warew@fau.edu

Frank Novembre - Biological Safety Officer/Assistant Director EH&S - fnovembre@fau.edu

Wendy Ash Graves - Director, EH&S, washgraves@fau.edu