Welcome to FAU Bioraft

EH&S is pleased to introduce a new tool at FAU for the management of a variety of compliance areas including:

  • Laboratory Safety

  • Chemical Inventories

  • Radiation Safety

  • Laboratory Inspections

  • Hazardous Waste Management

  • Safety Data Sheets (SDS) for chemicals

  • Medical Monitoring for animal Research

  • and much more

The link to the live BioRaft site is here. (Authorized FAU Personnel only)

In the coming months, we will update this page with more tools to help you make BioRaft work for you, including recorded demonstrations presentations and more quick start guides based on your feedback.  EH&S will also offer 1:1 consultations with users to integrate this product into our operations. 

Tools and contact information are provided below.

BioRaft Demonstration Click Here

You can skip to the topic of your choice by clicking the time stamps under the description bar of the video, or moving the progress bar.

  • 00:00 Introduction

  • 02:15 Lab Set-Up Overview

  • 23:04 ChemTracker Overview

  • 35:28 SDS Module Overview

  • 39:06 Hazardous Waste Module Overview

  • 47:48 Radiation Safety Module

  • 57:18 Animal Contact (Medical Monitoring Enrollment) Overview


Quick Start Guides for BioRaft Users:

Check back to this page for more information in the future.


EH&S contacts for Bioraft:

Josanne Hollingsworth-Maida - Laboratory Safety Officer - jhollingsworthma@fau.edu

Bill Ware - Environmental Compliance and Fire Safety Officer - warew@fau.edu

Frank Novembre - Biological Safety Officer/Assistant Director EH&S - fnovembre@fau.edu

Wendy Ash Graves - Director, EH&S, washgraves@fau.edu