All auditions and technical/design interviews for entrance into programs for fall 2021, will be done remotely due to Covid-19.

Sister Act


BFA in Performance and BFA in Performance with a Concentration in Musical Theatre


Electronic Submissions will be accepted January 30 – March 30, 2021
Please submit in ONE email with attachments

Performance submit to

Musical Theatre concentration submit to

  • Headshot
  • Resume
  • One page cover letter stating your career goals and why you want to attend FAU
  • For Performance - ONE contiguous audition video with two contrasting monologues no more than 60 secs each.
  • Or for Musical Theatre Concentration - TWO videos. One with a monologue no more than 60 seconds. The second with two contrasting songs, each no more than 60 secs. It is also highly suggested (not required) that you audition to minor in dance to enhance your training.
    Videos must be sent via youtube link (click here for a video tutorial)

Tips for a quality video:

  • Camera -  you can use a phone camera but you should use a tripod; handheld can get shaky.
  • Backdrop - seamless background paper or ironed sheet, best if not stark white.
  • Lighting - don't overcomplicate.  Look for ring lights with adjustable temp options. Windows can be your friend, but not if they are behind you putting you in shadow. The screen/frame should not take attention away from you or your performance. 
  • Mind the shadows - especially on your face. 
  • Microphone - sound needs to be good quality - watch out for background noise. Most iphones now work fine if in close distance.
  • Quality of the video is the first impression of your sense of professionalism.
  • Slate your name, the pieces you are doing, and the author, before you begin.
  • Frame from the waist up so hands/body movement can be seen.
  • Do your homework, dress for the part, and do as many takes as necessary.
  • Only use props if they are absolutely called for. 

6 easy steps to upload your video submissions to YouTube:

  • Go to
  • Click on the "create button" (the little camera icon) on the top right of the screen. Then select "Upload Video" from the submenu.
  • Select your video on your computer.
  • Edit your video "details" (title, description, thumbnail). If you scroll down the "edit" screen will ask a few of questions. Check anything that applies to you or ignore it if it's N/A. Make sure you select "not made for kids".
  • If you move along the editing options, you can skip "video elements" and move on to "visibility". Here I strongly recommend you chose the "unlisted" option so only those have the video link can see it (this means you will not be able to find your video by doing a youtube search).
  • Wait until your video is finished uploading and processing, then click "done".
  • This will take you to your "youtube creator studio" where you can find all the videos you've ever uploaded on your account. Look up your audition video and click on "get shareable link".
  • Paste and send your link via email to your recruiter. Break a leg!

Watch this tutorial for a step by step guide on how to upload your video submissions to YouTube.




BFA in Tech/Design


Costume Design

For further information or to request an interview, please contact Dawn Shamburger at 
Interview Requirements

For the BFA in Technical Theatre - students should download their portfolio and/or resume and be prepared to discuss their interests, design process, and goals.

Vanya Backstage


MFA Performance




NOTE: We currently have our next cohort. Auditions begin again Jan-Feb 2022.

MFA in Performance is a full two-year acting intensive that trains ten superb students every two years.  FAU attends URTA in New York and Chicago every other spring.  Our next auditions will be 2022.

Local Auditions are on the FAU campus usually in February. 

Audition Requirements for Local Auditions:
For the MFA in Performance - students should prepare two contrasting monologues around one and a half minutes each for a total of 3 minutes.  Have a third monologue prepared in case we would like to see more.  Please have an optional short accapella song (16 bars) prepared if you sing. 

children's hour


MFA Theatre Design & Technology


Sabrina Fa

Is a highly selective degree program consisting of 2-year in residency including two summer semesters and 1 semester off residence. The MFA Design/Tech curriculum is comprised 60 credits of classroom study, practical performance and production experience, and the completion of a graduate thesis. To schedule an interview please email Dawn Shamburger at

Interview Requirements
For the MFA in Theatre Design & Technology- students should download their portfolio and resume and/or provide a website. A remote interview will be scheduled. Candidates should be prepared to discuss their interests, design process, and goals.