Esperienza estetica e arti popolari

Prospettive somaestetiche sulla teoria e la pratica

Italian Book Cover 2023

Esperienza estetica e arti popolari

2023, Mimesis Edizioni.


Richard Shusterman's thought today represents an important reference point within the philosophical debate, in general, and aesthetics, in particular. Starting from a philosophical-analytical background but opening early on to the stimuli offered by pragmatism and maintaining a dialogue with "continental" authors and traditions of thought as well, Shusterman has offered original and stimulating contributions on a wide variety of contemporary aesthetic practices, focusing on the reevaluation of aesthetic experience as a whole and, above all, on the recovery of the dimension of corporeality and pleasure. This has also proved to be extremely useful and fruitful from a philosophical point of view in order to liberate aesthetic inquiry from any schematic, merely dichotomous and abstract subdivision of the arts into "low" and "high," "popular" and "serious," and in order to elevate the bodily dimension as a whole, in its unique capacity to unite nature and culture. Of this and much more Shusterman's essays selected for this collection of his writings in Italian offer exemplary testimony.


Mimesis Edizioni


Book launch discussion between Richard Shusterman and Stefano Marino