Commentary for the Media

On Art and Music

“Richard Shusterman Talks to UGA Students About Links Between Art and Religion” from the Athens Exchange (October 13, 2007)
"FAU Symposium to Tackle Hip-Hop's Influence on Politics, Social Change" from South Florida Sun-Sentinel (February 25, 2005)
"Rocking the Canon" by Dean Schabner with (July 2004)

France's Philosophe Impolitique from The Nation, May 3, 1999, 25-28.
Essay on Foucault: The Self as a Work of Art as published in The Nation, June 30, 1997, 25-28. (Electronic version of this review essay on Foucault)


On Culture

"Metaphysics in the Megabookstore" from the Chronicle of Higher Education (November 4, 2002)
"The Perils of Making Philosophy a Lingua Americana" from the Chronicle of Higher Education (August 11, 2000)
My Day from The Chronicle of Higher Education


On Ethics

"For Many, Beliefs Provide Little Comfort": Commentary on Terri Schiavo case for Palm Beach Post (March 25, 2005)


On Higher Education

"Pumped-Up Philosophy" from Chronicle of Higher Education (May 28, 2004)


On Politics

"What's the Reaction to Bush?" straw poll in The Philosopher's Magazine (2005)
Profile/ Interview "Religion, Liberalism, and Multicultural Politics I" and "Religion, Liberalism, and Multicultural Politics II" (2013)


On Somaesthetics

Interview in Self magazine ( February 2009)
Philosophie Magazine ( December 2008)
Profile/ Interview in Philosophie Magazine (March 2008)
Profile/ Interview in Le Point (13 December 2007), print version
Profile/ interview in Les Inrockuptibles (December 2007)
"Mind-Body Problems" in the Chronicle of Higher Education (2005)
Essay on Bourdieu: Bourdieu: Reason and Passion published in Chronicle of Higher Education, February 8, 2002.