How do I select roommates? What is the assignment process?

New incoming first year students may request a roommate that they know by emailing from their FAU student email account, please include your name and the full name of your requested roommate.  Both students must send a separate email request.  The priority deadline is April 1.  Roommate requests take priority over room type preferences that are submitted with your housing application. Housing and Residential Education highly discourages students from searching for roommates through social media outlets.   Roommate and room type preferences are not guaranteed, however we make every effort to match these when possible.

When will housing assignments be released and how will I know when they are released?

Housing assignments are released on a rolling basis, starting in early June from the order in which they were received. The housing application opened on January 10, so students who applied early will likely get their assignment information before students who applied in early April. Emails are sent to your FAU student email address with the housing assignment. You will be able to view your roommate and suite-mate information through the housing portal.

It is possible that we will not be able to house students who apply for housing after April 1.

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Can I make changes to my housing application?

Email housing at

What are the requirements to live on campus?

The 1st year live on campus requirement for students outside of 30 miles has been suspended starting for spring 2023. Students who are accepted to the Wilkes Honors College at the FAU Jupiter campus are required to live on-campus for their first two years. You may request an exemption to the on-campus requirement for the Wilkes Honors College and return the completed exemption form and documentation to

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What is the Academic Success Program?

The FAU Academic Success Pathway Programs are opportunities for students to ease into their college career by enrolling part-time in the fall semester only. This allows for a greater focus on the rigors of college coursework. This means students enroll in 11 credits or less. Financial Aid is pro-rated, and Academic Success Pathway Program students are 100% FAU students. The fall term is the only semester in which part-time status is required. Students are notified in their acceptance letter if they are a part of any of the Admissions Pathway Programs. Find all the details on our pathway programs here.

Can I take more or fewer than 11 credits in the Pathways Program?

Academic Success and STEM Bridge Program students cannot enroll in more than 11 credits in the fall.

If I participate in the Academic Success Pathway will I still be on track for a 4-year graduation plan?

Yes – this is entirely possible! Students are part-time only in their first fall semester. This is designed to allow for adjustment to the rigors of college life and college coursework. Once students successfully complete fall term they will be full-time in each semester thereafter. Students in a Academic Success or Engineering Bridge Programs essentially take 3 fewer credits in the fall term (1 class) than full-time students. Most degree plans require 120 credits to graduate. Students can easily adjust their schedule throughout their FAU career to recoup the credits.

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How do I change my entry term? I've been accepted to summer but want to come for fall.

Admission is term specific based on your academic credentials presented at the time of submission. We are not accepting change of entry terms from summer to fall. However, if you were accepted for the fall term and want to start in the summer, you can complete a change of entry form here.

What is EZ Advising and how/where do I complete it?

  • For admitted students you will request to change your major through EZ Advising. Some majors are restricted, selective, or require an audition, such as Nursing, Pre-Architecture and Music. Students cannot request a major change into these programs.
  • Majors in the College of Engineering & Computer Science and the College of Science have some additional requirements to meet for entry as well.

How do dual enrollment credits work? Does that affect my FAU GPA?

You will need to submit your official college transcripts to FAU. Your dual enrollment courses will be calculated into your overall FAU GPA. These transcripts should be sent ASAP after coursework is complete to the FAU Office of Admissions.

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I have AP credits, what do I do? How do I get college credit for them? What about my AICE?

  • You will request to have your AP credits sent to FAU through the College Board website.
  • AICE, IB and other exam credits should also be sent to FAU. Here are the instructions.

How do I apply for scholarships?

The deadline for merit-based scholarship consideration from FAU is Jan. 15. However, it is important to make sure your FAFSA has been submitted to FAU as there is an opportunity for federal aid that you could receive. It is not too late to file the FAFSA. If you are entering FAU in the Summer 3 term be sure to complete BOTH the 2022-23 and 2023-24 FAFSA. Students entering FAU in the Fall should complete the 2023-24 FAFSA. Go to In addition, you can apply for additional scholarship opportunities here.

How do I verify I am a Florida resident?

All students claiming Florida resident status for tuition paying purposes need to work with their parent/guardian to complete the residency affidavit that can be found here:

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