Spring Admission

Florida Atlantic University admits a limited number of students for full-time enrollment in the spring term. We encourage students to get a jump start on college courses before enrolling in the spring semester.

Florida residents can take classes at one of the 28 public community and state colleges of Florida, and out-of-state students can enroll in their local state/community college in the summer and/or fall. Students are welcome to enroll in as many credits as they believe they can manage successfully. Please keep in mind the following requirements:

  • Students must maintain a GPA of 2.5 or better.
  • Students must submit official transcripts for ALL institutions attended to the Office of Undergraduate Admissions.

Failure to meet these requirements will cause the student's admissions file to be reevaluated and could jeopardize their admissions status.

Global Owls Program

The Global Owls Program is an incredible opportunity for students admitted to the spring term to earn college credit while studying abroad during the fall semester. This program offers a fully transferable, globally focused semester to help students achieve a rewarding term while setting them up to be on track to graduate from FAU on time. This overseas program, through Verto Education, is designed to prepare students for a successful start at Florida Atlantic. The curriculum helps students gain life experience and academic success as they explore the globe.  

GPA Requirement

Students must earn a minimum 2.5 (on a 4.0 scale) college grade point average in their college classes with no grade below C. If you take summer classes, you must have an official transcript sent to FAU Admissions before the start of fall term. Fall term grades must be received by January 15th.

English Requirement

Students are strongly encouraged to enroll in ENC 1101 (the first English composition class), unless they have earned college credit for English composition through AICE, AP, IB, CLEP, and/or dual enrollment. Refer to Credit by Exam for college credit awarded through acceleration. If you have ENC 1101 credit, then taking ENC 1102 is strongly encouraged.

Math Requirement

Students are strongly encouraged to enroll in MAC 1105 (College Algebra, preferred math), MAT 1033 (Intermediate Algebra), MGF 1130 (Mathematical Thinking), or MGF 1131 (Mathematics in Context), depending on math placement and their major's math requirement, unless they have already earned comparable or higher-level course credit through an accelerated mechanism such as AP, IB, AICE, CLEP, or dual enrollment. Students should refer to Credit by Exam for college credit awarded through acceleration. Refer to the Academic Program Guides for their major's math requirement.

The Office of Admissions will periodically follow up with spring admitted students over the summer and fall as we prepare for their enrollment in the spring.

Freshman Spring Admissions Frequently Asked Questions

If plan to take college classes before spring term, which courses should I take to stay on track for my FAU major?
Students should refer to the Academic Program Guides for their major's math requirement and other recommended courses.
I know there is a math requirement for my major, but how do I know which math to take?
Students should enroll in MAC 1105 (College Algebra, preferred math), MAT 1033 (Intermediate Algebra), MGF 1130 (Mathematical Thinking), or MGF 1131 (Mathematics in Context). Refer to the Academic Program Guides for your major's math requirements.
What if I take courses and do not do well?
Students need to have an overall 2.5 GPA to enroll at FAU in January. If you do not achieve a minimum 2.5 GPA, please contact the Office of Admissions to discuss remaining at the state college to earn an Associate of Arts (AA) degree.
When I apply to a College in the Florida College System, do I apply as a non-degree seeking or degree-seeking applicant?
It depends and also does not make a difference for your admission to FAU. Non-degree students cannot receive federal financial aid, so if you will be dependent on financial aid to pay tuition, we recommend applying as a degree-seeking student. 
Will my Bright Futures or Florida Prepaid apply to courses I take at a Florida State College?

Yes; however, you must contact Bright Futures and/or Florida Prepaid as soon as you register for classes and inform them that you will be attending your chosen College in the Florida College System and would like your funds to be sent there.

For Bright Futures, your College in the Florida College System must be identified as your Post-Secondary Institution (PSI). To update your PSI, contact Florida Bright Futures Scholarship (1-888-827-2004).

Contact Florida Prepaid to ensure your funds are allocated to the correct institution. Each College in the Florida College System likely has a website with additional information.

Be sure to contact these agencies upon finaliziing your Spring enrollment at FAU to ensure your funds are transfered appropriately.

When do I need to send in transcripts and test scores?

The Office of Admissions requires an official, final high school transcript sent directly from your school to the University. If you have dual enrollment credit, you must also send official college transcript(s).

All official test scores (ACT, SAT, and/or CLT) must be sent by the respective testing agency to Florida Atlantic.

All official high school transcripts, dual enrollment transcripts, and test scores must be received by August 1, 2024. At that time, we will compare the transcript with the submitted SSAR for accuracy and check your senior grades. Any SSAR inaccuracies and/or any grade below C in the senior year is subject to your admission being rescinded. A cumulative, dual enrollment college GPA below 2.5 may cause your offer of admission to be rescinded.

If you have taken any college courses after high school graduation, you need to send FAU Admissions your official  transcript(s) before the start of spring term. 

All official AICE, AP, IB, and CLEP results must be sent to FAU from the respective testing agencies by August 1.  

How do I get on-campus housing at FAU?
Living on the Boca Raton campus is optional. The housing application is a separate process. The housing application for the spring semester will open on October 1 and close when all spaces have been filled.  We anticipate a high demand for on-campus housing for the spring semester.  For more information about Housing and Residential Education, visit fau.edu/housing. Housing applications can be submitted through the Owldone Portal.  Additional resources for off-campus housing are available at offcampushousing.fau.edu.
When is orientation?
Student Orientation, Academics, and Resources (SOAR) will take place in the fall, with both online and in-person options. After you commit to FAU by paying the non-refundable $200 tuition deposit, you can reserve your spot for SOAR.
How do I commit to FAU for spring enrollment?

Incoming Spring students must pay a non-refundable $200 tuition deposit to secure their enrollment. This will show as a $200 credit on the university bill after students register for spring courses. This fee saves your seat in classes.

If students are eligible for a Pell Grant, they may be able to
waive the $200 fee.