STEM Bridge Program

Understanding the STEM Bridge* Program

Students can be admitted to the STEM Bridge Program for either Summer or Fall. Each path supports students in achieving a successful start with the rigors of college-level coursework in science and math, as these are the classes which lay the groundwork for their intended major, with part-time enrollment in the Fall and leads to full-time enrollment for the Spring semester:

STEM Bridge Program Profile 2022

Fall Middle 50% of Admitted Students

GPA 3.25-3.79
SAT 1080-1200
ACT 21-24


* STEM Bridge program was previously known as the Engineering Bridge Program

Summer STEM Bridge Program

Summer Engineering Bridge Program: 6 summer credits + 9 fall credits + 15 spring credits equaling 30 credits

Fall STEM Bridge Program

Fall Engineering Bridge Program: 9 fall credits + 15 spring credits + 6 summer credits equaling 30 credits