Pathways to fau  

Students select their preferred term of entry - either summer, fall or spring - on both the FAU and Common App applications. A student needs to only submit one application.  Students are then admitted for the term and program for which they qualify.

The Office of Admissions recalculates all high school grade point averages for applicants based on academic courses in English, Math, Science, Social Sciences, and Foreign Language. Academic electives, strength of schedule, and course rigor (AP, IB, AICE, Dual Enrollment) are all considered as a part of the evaluation process.

Fall is our most competitive term for entry. In addition to Fall entry, FAU offers a pathway to admission through the following programs:

Jump Start - Students begin this pathway in the summer for full-time enrollment in the fall.   If they complete the summer successfully, then they progress to the fall term as a full-time student.

Academic Success Program - Students can begin this pathway in the summer and continue into the fall part-time or begin part-time in the fall. Students who successfully manage their course load will be granted full-time enrollment in the spring.

STEM Bridge Program - The STEM Bridge Program is to support students in achieving a successful start with the rigors of college-level coursework in science and math, as these are the classes which lay the groundwork for the Charles E. Schmidt College of Science and College of Engineering and Computer Science.

Spring - FAU offers a limited amount of students full-time enrollment in the spring.