Academic Success Pathway

Understanding the Academic Success Program

Students in the Academic Success Program are 100% FAU students – able to participate in the majority of FAU sponsored activities and events. Some fraternity/sorority organizations may require full-time enrollment. Students are offered admission to Summer or Fall based on their overall academic profile. The entering term is not negotiable.

Financial aid offers will be based on full-time enrollment. Most financial aid offers will be prorated down if you are enrolled less than full-time. Please contact your financial aid counselor to review how your enrollment impacts your aid or use the Financial Aid Disbursement Estimator

Both Summer and Fall Academic Success Programs lead to full-time enrollment for the Spring semester:

Student Profile 2022-23

Middle 50% of Admitted Freshmen

  Summer Fall
GPA 3.23-3.81 3.73-4.33
SAT 1000-1120 1100-1270
ACT 20-24 23-29


Summer Academic Success Program

 Summer Academic Success Program: 6 summer credits + 9 fall credsits + 15 spring credits equaling 30 credits

Fall Academic Success Program  

Fall Academic Success Program : 9 fall credits + 15 spring credits + 6 summer credits equaling  30 credits