Healthy Aging Certificate


The Healthy Aging Certificate Program prepares students for a career in service of diverse aging populations. The certificate program provides a specialized knowledge and skill base in practice, practice-evaluation, research and policy areas in order to ensure the delivery of quality services to diverse aging groups. For information on the specific requirements of the certificate and to download the application please click on the links below. Dr. Juyoung Park is the faculty advisor for the Healthy Aging Certificate and can be contacted at or 561-297-4537 if you need consultation. The Healthy Aging Certificate application must be submitted to Dr. Park at least four weeks before graduation to ensure your transcript is updated.  In addition, the “Application for Certificate” and “Application for Degree” forms must be completed and turned in to your academic advisor.  Those forms can be found here.  Certificates cannot be issued to students who apply after they graduate.


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