Social Work Faculty Research and Instructional Expertise


  Name Research Emphasis Instructional Expertise Practical Expertise
adam Marcheley Adam, PhD, LCSW

Young Adult Couples and Parental Caregiving; Qualitative Research Methods Social Work Practice, Psychopathology, Social Work Professions, Human Behavior & the Social Environment School Social Work, Clinical Supervision, Individual, Couples, & Family Therapy; Child Welfare; Community Mental Health; Child Development; Self-care
ambris-300x300 Everiste Ambris, MSW

  Multicultural Issues, Anxiety, Depression, Alcohol and Drugs, Field seminars  
barsky Allan Barsky, MSW, PhD

Social Work Practice Theory and Skill Development, Conflict Resolution, Professional Ethics, Substance Abuse Social Work Practice Theory and Skill Development, Conflict Resolution, Professional Ethics, Substance Abuse Family and community mediation, forensic and ethics consultation, domestic violence, and substance use and abuse
Diane Alperin, PhD LCSW Atensia Earp Bowen, LCSW

  Mental Health, Family-Centered Practice, Social Welfare Policy & Provisions, Social Work Professions Mental Health, School Social Work, Case Management, Medical Social Work, Community SW, Administration
brown Georgia Brown, MSW   Family Reunification and Family Preservation Programs, Women Issues, Field seminars Children and Families involve with the child welfare system, student success in higher education, administration and policy.
colvin Marianna L. Colvin, PhD Interorganizational Human Service Delivery Systems Related to Vulnerable Children and Families, Child Welfare, Interactions across Organizations, Systems and Complexity, Network Development Community Oriented Courses, Child Welfare courses, Global Perspective Child Welfare Policy, Practice, and Supervision; International Community Development
cooley Morgan Cooley, PhD, LCSW

Better Understanding Risk and Protective Factors of Child Welfare Theory and Practice with Children and Adolescents, SW with Vulnerable children, Statistics Individual, couple, & family therapy; practice with those involved in the child welfare system; community mental health.
LeaAnne DeRigne, MSW, PhD LeaAnne DeRigne, MSW, PhD

Health Care Policy, Family impact of having a child with a special health care need Social Welfare Policy, Social Work practice with Communities and Organizations Practice Info-Social Policy Advocacy, Legislative Education and Advocacy, Community Organization
drucker Donna Drucker, LCSW

  Social Work practice, Post-Grad Trainings Private Practice, Life transitions, Parenting/Caregiving, Wellness self-care, Employee Assistance programs, Disaster response
gonzalez Manny Gonzalez, PhD, LCSW-R Mental/Health Illness, Application of developmental and Psychological and Physical Well-being Among Hispanic Immigrants, Psychodynamics of Fatherhood, Qualitative Research Methods Advance Clinical Social Work Practicum, Emerging theories and Methods, Advanced Social Work Practice Community Mental Health, Psychodynamic Psychotherapy, Family Therapy, Treatment of Adolescents, Chronic Mental Illness, Clinical Supervision and Clinical Research Consultation
groton Dani Groton, PhD

Homelessness, housing and employment interventions, and promotion of health among under-served communities General Social Work with Organizations and Communities, Human Behavioral / Social Environment Administration, homelessness services, macro practice
gurdak Kristen Gurdak, PhD, LCSW

Mental Health, Stigma, Community Integration, Qualitative Research Methods, Social Network Analysis, Cross-Cultural Contexts Advanced Theory & Social Work Practice, Psychopathology, Human Behavior & the Social Environment, Global Perspectives Administration, Mental Health Services, Clinical Supervision, Psychodynamic Therapy in Private Practice, International Community Psychology
howard Heather Howard, MSW, PhD, LICSW Gender-specific and Trauma-inforced care for women Advanced Clinical Practice with Children and Families, Participatory Action Research, Dynamics of Oppression and Privilege Healthcare social work, Trauma and Alcohol Use Disorder and Substance use disorder, postpartum depression, and grief and loss
kane Michael Kane, PhD, LCSW M.Div.

Aging and Mental Health, Alzheimer’s Disease, Managed Care SW Research, Psychopathology, Clinical SW Practice with Elders  
luna Naelys Luna, MSW, PhD

Substance Use Disorder, Mood Disorder, Spirituality, Parental Roles, Mental Health, Psychosocial Functioning Social Work Practice with Individuals, Social Work Profession, Advanced Practice and Theory with Adults and Families, Research Methods, Mindfulness  
wohlsifer David Landsman-Wohlsifer, PhD, LCSW

  CBT, Social Work & Human Sexuality, Play Therapy, LCSW examination prep course  

Kyle Matera, LCSW-QS

  Field Education in Social Work, Mental health, Substance use Chronic mental health diagnosis and treatment, Substance use disorders, Clinical supervision
mcclellan Joy McClellan, DSW, LCSW

  Advance Year Field Instruction and Seminar, Child Welfare, Field Education in Social Work Administration and clinical supervision, community planning and development, clinical mental health services for children and families, clinical mental health services for those with chronic mental illness, child protection services
platt Keith Platt, DSW, LCSW

Minority Issues, Oppression, Addictions, Mindfulness, Spirituality, Sexual Orientation Issues Interpersonal Neuroscience, Psychopathol Clinical Social Work Practice, Social Work and Trauma, General Social Work Practice with Families, Evid-Informed Practice with Indiv, SW ad Positive Well-Being  
rubin Robin Rubin, MSW

  Social Work and Positive Well Being  

David Simpson, PhD

Coping strategies, Anxious Youth, Trauma Exposure, Community Violence Social Work Practice, Mental Health Treatment, Groups and Families, Research Methods Cognitive behavioral therapy with youth and families with anxiety
disorders, PTSD, and OCD; Group Therapy for anxious youth and adults
sherman Diane G. Sherman, MSW, PhD

Stress and Coping Process for Victim of violent crimes, Restorative Justice, Grief and Loss Issues, Human Trafficking Psychopathology, Research Methods-Social Work, Loss/Grief: Individuals/Family/Cul, Advanced Clinical SW: Capstone  
osei Precious Skinner-Osei, MSW, PhD

Criminal Justice Reform, Paternal Incarceration, Trauma-Informed Care for Juveniles Global Pers of Social Services, Social Welfare Policy/Provision, Profession of Social Work, SW Practice Communities and Organizations, Research Methods-Social Work  
smyth Kristin Smyth, PhD, MSW, LCSW Mental illness and psychopathology; stigma and self-stigma; family functioning, individual psychosocial and interpersonal functioning; and identity development; qualitative research methods Clinical practice with individuals, families, and groups; Human development; Research methods and statistics

Psychotherapy and direct practice with children, adolescents, and adults in inpatient and outpatient care settings; family and group psychotherapy; Interdisciplinary and medical social work; severe and persistent mental illness; Community mental health; Correctional social work

suttenberg Laurie Suttenberg, DSW, LCSW, DCSW

  Advance Theory Social Work Practice Elders, Family Individual, couples, family and group therapy in terms of practice experience. Clinical supervision and case consultations.
Patricia Patricia Temes, LCSW

Emotional Intelligence and Brazilian Women Psychosocial Risk Factors Field Education in Social Work, Advance Year Field Instruction and Seminar, Counseling Women, Practice with Individuals, International Social Work Therapy for Women Issues, Substance Abuse, Medical Social Work, Trauma, Anxiety, Depression, Administration and Leadership in Social Work, International Community Education in Sexual Abuse and Domestic Violence
farineau Heather Thompson, PhD, LCSW

Child Welfare, Best Practices for Child Welfare Professionals Advance Theory & Social Work Practice with Children, Adolescents, Adults & Family, Case Management, Couples Therapy in Social Work Practice Adolescents and Families involved in the Child Welfare and Juvenile Justice Systems, Parenting, Couples therapy (pre-marital counseling, communication issues, infidelity, divorce and co-parenting), Solution-Focused Therapy, Narrative Therapy
wheeler Rebecca Marcus Wheeler, DSW, LCSW, MCAP

Role & Efficacy of the Clinician in Practice Relational Patterns of Individuals, Couples & Families; Interventions & Programs for Addictions Recovery Developmental Milestones of Adolescents & Adults