child welfare

The Child Welfare Certificate Program prepares students for a career in working with abused or neglected children and their families. The certificate program provides a foundation of knowledge in practice, policy, and programs that impact vulnerable children’s lives. Students develop practice skills in areas relevant to:

  • Assessment skills considering children’s development, including Adverse Childhood Experiences survey
  • Trauma-informed Care
  • Family violence
  • Mental health concerns of child and families
  • Involvement with the dependency system
  • Specific interviewing techniques for children
  • Intervention strategies for children and families
  • Child welfare policy

The Child Welfare Certificate indicates the student has completed certain experiences to provide a foundation of child welfare. These experiences include completion of a child welfare course highlighting the history and dynamics of the child welfare system and a course focused specifically on the treatment of families involved in the child welfare system. In addition, students must take a child welfare specific field seminar to earn their child welfare certificate. For specific requirements for the Child Welfare Certificate please view the brochure here. Please note that this Certificate is only available to those students currently seeking a Bachelors or Master’s degree in Social Work. If you have any questions about the Child Welfare Certificate, please email Dr. Marianna Colvin at

We also have a completely online Child Welfare certificate program available for MSW students.  For more information on that program please click here.

To apply for the Child Welfare Certificate, please complete the application here and email to Tod Marshall at Please note that Child Welfare Certificate applications must be submitted at least 4 weeks before graduation to ensure your transcript is updated. In addition, applicants must complete the “Application for Certificate” and “Application from Degree” from the Registrar’s office here and turn it in to your academic advisor.  You should expect to receive your certificate 4-6 weeks after graduation.  Certificates cannot be issued to students who apply after they graduate.

***Please note that the Child Welfare Certificate through FAU is not the state certification in child welfare which can only be obtained through employment at the Department of Children and Families or a Community-Based Care agency and the Florida Certification Board.