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community service

 Community-Engaged Projects & Partnerships

Broward Sheriff’s Office

Best, Corey, Cooley, Morgan E., Colvin, Marianna L., Crichlow, Vaughn, Keller, Kraig, Navarro, Yaritza (in press). Authentic family engagement and strengthening: A promising family-centered approach for achieving racial justice with families involved with the child protection system. Child Welfare. 1-26.

Office of Criminal Conflict & Civil Regional Counsel 4th DCA Region

Howard, Heather & Colvin, Marianna L. (2021). Women in the waves: Learning from mothers in recovery through photovoice. Child Welfare, 99(1), 25-68. Learn More


Community Affiliations

Child Welfare Race Equity Work Group (CWREWG), Broward County

The CWREWG is actively working with national and local partners to reduce foster care entries within the 33311 and 33313 communities. It is dedicated to promoting and sustaining the voices of parents, caregivers, and relatives by making recommendations that strengthen families and prevent unnecessary foster care placement of children of color and supporting effective race equity strategies. Learn More

Child Welfare Family Engagement Advisory Board (FEAB):

Broward County: An avenue for parents to have an active and equal voice in shaping programs, services, and practice, this group includes parents and young adults who have experienced the child dependency court system, foster care, prevention services, or prevention services in Broward County. Members serve as strategic partners and share their perspectives and recommendations on ways to improve policies and practices with a greater understanding of family needs. Learn More