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Florida Atlantic University
School of Criminology & Criminal Justice
777 Glades Road, SO 209
Boca Raton, FL 33431
Phone: (561) 297-3240
Fax: (561) 297-2438

Thank you for visiting the School of Criminology and Criminal Justice. If we are not in the office, please see the directory below for assistance.

If you have questions or need to speak with someone about:

A current class
Please communicate with your Instructor. All Instructor/Professor contact information is listed here:

General information about the School of Criminology & Criminal Justice
Ms. Aurora Moreira, Program Assistant
(561) 297-2395

Undergraduate major, minor, classes, requirements for graduation
Seth Fallik, Ph.D., Undergraduate Program Coordinator
(561) 297-4287

Field Experiences (internships for undergraduate students)
Ms. Sigal Rubin, Field Experience Coordinator
(321) 754-8112

Graduate program (MSCCJ), classes, the BA/MS combined program
Lincoln Sloas, Ph.D., Graduate Program Coordinator
(561) 297- 3243

Legal Studies Program (Paralegal and Legal Nurse Consultant Certificates)
Ms. Alejandra Quintero, Legal Studies Program Assistant
(561) 297-3648

If you need immediate assistance, please visit the College of Social Work & Criminal Justice’s main office on the first floor (SO-108).



Name Office Phone
Cassandra Atkin-Plunk
Interim Director and Associate Professor
SO 222 (561) 247-0519
Wendy Guastaferro
Interim Associate Director and Professor
SO 210 (561)-297-0428 
Bruce Arneklev
Associate Professor
SO 212 (561) 297-3242
Gabriel Cesar
Assistant Professor
SO 213 (561)-297-3240 
Calli Cain
Assistant Professor
SO 211 (561)-297-3240 
Lisa Dario
Associate Professor
SR 217 (561) 297-3244
Adam Dobrin
Adjunct Faculty Coordinator &
Leader of the Virtual Community of Practice (vCoP)
Associate Professor
SR 205 (561) 297-3240
Seth Fallik
Undergraduate Program Coordinator and Associate Professor
SO 219 (561) 297-4287
Sameer Hinduja
SR 223 (561) 799-8227
Ricky Langlois
Senior Instructor, Online Master Teacher, and  Online Undergraduate Program Degree Coordinator 
SO 205 (321) 754-8684
Patrick McLaughlin
SO 272 (561) 297-3240
Ryan C. Meldrum
Associate Dean and Professor
SO 101 (561) 297-4171
Dawn Rothe
SO 214 (561)-297-3240
Sigal Rubin
Instructor, Assistant Undergraduate Coordinator and Field Experience Coordinator
SO 204 (321) 754-8112
Mara Schiff
Associate Professor
SO 271 (561) 297-3240
Lincoln Sloas
Associate Professor and Graduate Program Coordinator
SO 221 (561) 297-3243


Support Staff
Aurora Moreira, Program Assistant SO 208 (561) 297-2395