Minor in Criminal Justice

Program Overview

A minor in Criminal Justice consists of a minimum of 15 credits in criminal justice courses. Of the 15 credits, at least 12 must be earned from FAU. A grade of “C” or higher is required for all courses being used toward the minor. For the minor in Criminal Justice, students must take five criminal justice courses in the following manner:

  1. CCJ4054 – Ethics and the Justice System
  2. 12 credits – Criminal Justice courses

In the case of transfer students, a minimum of 12 credits-hours of upper division courses with the CCJ, CJC, CJE, CJJ, CJL, or DSC prefix for a minor must be in residence at FAU including core courses, if lacking.

See Course Descriptions
Title Course # Credits
Law, Crime & the Criminal Justice System CCJ 2002 3
Victimology CCJ 3666 3
Restorative Community Justice CCJ 4141 3
Crime in the Schools CCJ 3660 3
Media and Crime CCJ 4631 3
Race, Ethnicity and Criminal Justice CCJ 4662^ 3
Women and Criminal Justice CCJ 4670^ 3
Violence in Relationships CCJ 4679^ 3
Issues in Criminal Law CCJ 4931 3
Introduction to Forensic Science CJE 3674 3
International Criminal Justice Systems CJE 4174^ 3
Policing in America CJE 4352^ 3
Fundamentals of Criminal Investigation CJE 4610 3
Criminal Law and the Constitution CJL 4064 3
Terrorism DSC 4012^ 3
Criminal Justice Field Experience 1 CCJ 4940++ 3

++ Grading: S/U
^The online version of this course has received QM designation.