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Division of Research

The Division of Research supports and promotes FAU research and scholarly activities by providing the tools and resources needed to be competitive, building new directions in research, ensuring responsible research practices and communicating the importance of research within and beyond the university. In addition, the division oversees four university-wide pillars and is responsible for economic development and entrepreneurial activities involving faculty, staff, students and the broader university community.

The division is comprised of the following offices, pillars and programs:

The Office of Research Development helps faculty find funding, build teams and strengthen proposals. The office identifies opportunities to address National Science Foundation broader impacts criterion. Editing services are also available.

The Office of Sponsored Programs is the central office for the submission of research, training and community service proposals. It manages proposals, contracts, sub-awards, grant agreements and research-related training for faculty, staff and research administrators.

The Office of Export Control provides information and guidance to faculty and staff regarding export control regulations and provides assistance when traveling internationally

The Office of Research Integrity administers key research-related assurance and compliance programs required by federal and state agencies. Its responsibilities include the university’s human subjects research protections program, the animal care and use program and the financial conflict of interest program.

The Office of Comparative Medicine is responsible for all animal care and use in research at the university. It provides procurement, husbandry, veterinary care, rodent breeding colony management and scientific/technical support services for both wildlife and laboratory animal species. The office also reviews and monitors all animal care and use protocols and training for animal use.

The Office of Technology Development protects faculty interests while advancing discoveries towards commercial development. The office helps navigate the patenting process, while fostering collaboration with industry through licensing, sponsored research and new venture agreements.

The Office of Research Accounting manages and monitors financial compliance required by government and private agencies and foundations for all FAU sponsored projects. It sets up new grant accounts, invoices sponsors, prepares required financial reports and closes completed sponsored projects. The office also provides guidance compliance-related topics.

The Office of Research Communications promotes research and scholarly activity at FAU, disseminating news and information about FAU research to internal and external audiences through a variety of channels. It also supports FAU researchers by providing information about the division’s services and programs.

The Office of Postdoc Affairs assists postdoctoral fellows and associates to reach their career goals by offering training, counseling, resources and networking opportunities.

The Office of Research Finance manages the DOR Budget and that of the FAU Pillars. Additionally, they manage the finances for our company, The Research Corporation.

The Office of International Relations seeks to establish research partnerships with international universities that involve collaborative research, faculty and student exchange as well as organization of topical workshops. The office connects individual researchers and research teams with their counterparts in countries across the globe. In order to ensure long term success in research collaboration the office also provides logistical support in the search of suitable funding sources.

The Office of Corporate Engagement connects FAU researchers with potential industry partners in order to establish research collaborations. The office serves as a one-stop shop for companies to draw on a wider array of resources and services that FAU provides, from student internships to executive training and from the use of advanced equipment to establishing research contracts.

The FAU Small Business Development Center is a business consulting service that helps aspiring entrepreneurs, start-ups and existing small and medium sized business owners successfully grow and scale their business.

FAU Research Core Facilities

FAU Research Pillars

FAU faculty are engaged in a broad spectrum of research from the cellular level through to animal models and clinical trails. The university has four pillars that focus on core research strengths:

FAU Research Platforms

Platforms represent areas of scholarly activity which support the institutes. The strategic plan lists nine platforms.

Entrepreneurship and Economic Development

The division fosters innovations stemming from FAU faculty, staff, students and community initiatives that can lead to entrepreneurial ventures. In conjunction with the Office of Technology Development, the following programs provide assistance in creating, nurturing and growing start-up companies.

  • FAU Wave – An undergraduate research and entrepreneurship competition
  • FAU Tech Runway – An accelerator that provides space, mentoring and seed funding to start-ups

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