What We Do

The Office of Research Communications promotes research and scholarly activity at the university by disseminating news and information about FAU research to internal and external audiences through a variety of channels. In addition, it supports FAU researchers, informing them about the division’s services, programs, events and regulatory changes that may impact their research.

Research communications supports all units within the division, its entrepreneurial and economic development programs, research fundraising and FAU’s four research institutes. Working in collaboration with the FAU Office of Public Affairs, the communications team handles design and print projects, develops and maintains more than a half dozen websites, distributes several newsletters, produces videos, handles university-wide research-related events, graphics, social media, photography and publishes the Owl Research & Innovation magazine and other publications.

Email us at dorcommunications@fau.edu.

How do I get started?

Ask Yourself

  • What are my communications objectives?
  • What are my key messages?
  • Who is my audience?
  • What communications strategies should we implement?
  • How are we communicating?
  • What type of budget do I have to work with?

What We Offer

  • Strategic communications counsel
  • Website support
  • Marketing
  • Design services
  • Announcements
  • Content development
  • Social media
  • Animated videos
  • Research-related special projects

Starting Line

  • Submit a work request
  • Set up a meeting to discuss
  • Contact a DOR Communications team member
  • Just ask us
  • Bribe us with a cup of coffee
Who We Are

Luis Perez, MS

Assistant Vice President, Research Communications

Leads the Division of Research's Office of Research Communications, which promotes research and scholarly activity at the university to internal and external audiences through a variety of channels.

AD 10 / Rm 111

Cammi Clark, Ph.D.

Director, Research Communications

Leads the team's day-to-day operations and project management via supervision, creation and dissemination of research news and information, including publication of the Owl Research and Innovation magazine.

AD 10 / Rm 101

Lillian Cozart, MA

Web Coordinator, Reseach Communications

Maintains client websites, including design of new sites, updating published content and continuity across themes, in addition to streamlining navigation and increasing online presence.

AD 10 / Rm 101

Robin Taber, MFA

Motion Graphics/Animation Specialist, Research Communications

Directs the creation of digital media, including videos, 2D and 3D animation, visual effects and writing content, in addition to coordinating applicable filming or computer generated imagery.

AD 10 / Rm 101

Katarzyna Bytnar

Assistant Communications Coordinator

AD 10 / Rm 101

Paige Russo

Communications Assistant

AD 10 / Rm 101

Shavantay Minnis

Communications Assistant

AD 10 / Rm 101

Melanie Castro

Student Assistant

AD 10 / Rm 101

Jultmartin Eugene

Student Assistant

AD 10 / Rm 101