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The Florida Atlantic WAVE Competition is... NOW OPEN TO ALL STUDENTS!

An undergraduate and graduate applied research and entrepreneurial competition challenging students to submit and develop innovative ideas targeting societal problems.

In this competition, we provide $500 to 10-12 undergraduate and master's level students.

Out of the chosen projects, only ONE will win a monetary award at an end of year ceremony. The First Place Award is generously sponsored through the Dr. Eric H. Shaw Florida Atlantic WAVE Excellence in Innovation Award Endowment Fund. For sponsorship opportunities please contact fauwave@fau.edu.


First Place

Teams are chosen based on (a) innovation and creativity, (b) significance of niche/problem addressed, (c) the practical ability to develop the project, and (d) marketability and GPA.

Community Engagement projects win $1,000 for first place.These projects solve a problem within the community as a collaborative effort and benefit the members of our community.


First place community engagement

2023-2024 Winners

2022-2023 Winners

View Wave program booklet here

Florida Atlantic WAVE 22-23 Event Sponsor: TreMonti Consulting LLC.

Name Project Title Prize
Rachel Kavalakatt Carpal Tech 2.0: a biowearable device to prevent carpal tunnel syndrome paired with an app First Place: $2,000
Krystyna Medina Nourished from Nature provides gardening education for K-12 students and establishes a sustainable county wide food network Community Engagement Winner First Place: $1,000
Palm Beach State College Track Winner: Androff Cesar Mind Check South Florida, a community service program that empowers high school students with tools to live mindfully positive and organized lives Palm Beach State College First Place: $1,000

View photos from the award ceremony here.

2021-2022 Winners

View Wave program booklet here

Name Project Title Prize
Rachel Kavalakatt CarpalWear: Development of Non-Invasive Wearable Biofeedback Device to Effectively treat Carpal Tunnel Syndrome First Place: $2,000
Shalakha Bonthu, Jose Delgado, Hibah Hussain, Joseph Lawless, Bilal Mutluguler, Matthew Pacheco, and Vineet Reddy Engage Florida Community Engagement: $1,000

2020-2021 Winners

View Wave program booklet here

Name Project Title Prize
Paris Prince SPod-Biodegradable Soap and Water Capsule First Place: $1,500
Aiden Natalie Marine Connex - An app to fill the gap between marine consumers and marine professionals Second Place: $1,000
Arman Alexis Utilizing Virtual Reality to Augment CT Scans Third Place: $500
Sandy Abdelmalak, Alexia Betances,
Christopher Cadenas, and Diane Garcia
Florida Atlantic Keep Moving Student Organization Community Engagement: $1000

2019-2020 Winners

View Wave program booklet here

Name Project Title Prize
Paris Prince SPod-Biodegradable Hand Sanitizing Capsule First Place: $1,500
Vassili Georgakopoulos 40s Not Feelings-Adaptive Fishing Lure Second Place: $1,000
Alexandra DeCesare, Daniel Carvalho, and Robert Snyder Drone Based Quantum Communication Third Place: $500
Alexander Hintze, Esther Mitchell, Samantha Robinson, Brandon Caniff, and Matthew Maracallo The Eswatini Foot Bridge Community Engagement

2018-2019 Winners

Name Project Title Prize
Giannina Duran Owl Parking-Campus Parking Made Easy First Place: $1,500
Vassilios Georgakopoulos Abrasion Resistant Nylon Polymer Fishing Line Second Place: $1,000
Taylor Leta, Ricardo Sanatan, and Jonathan Ortiz-Collazo Assistive Speech Enhancer Second Place: $1,000
Alexis Base Developing a Solution to Ocean Acidification Third Place: $500
Alejandro Carruyo and Brenda Lozada Furthering Student Science Education and Mentorship Community Engagement

View photos from the award ceremony here.

2017-2018 Winners

Name Project Title Prize
Evita Conway Developing a model for mood disorder classification using eye movements First Place: $1,500
Devin Willis Slidemap improves the accuracy of tumor cell classification and cancer diagnosis using deep learning First Place: $1,500
Vithulan Suthakaran An artificial leaf that transforms carbon dioxide into oxygen via photosynthesis Second Place: $1,000
Stephen Hoover Machine olfaction using deep learning artificial neural networks Third Place: $500
Natalia Perez and Sydney Yu LEAP-Learning Enrichment Activity Pals Community Engagement

2016-2017 Winners

Name Project Title Prize
Vithulan Suthakaran SEA Skimmer: The Development of a Sustainable Environmental Accumulation Skimmer in Order to Extract Marine Pollution from a Variety of Geographical Locations First Place: $1,500
Alexis Base Developing an Image Recognition and Motor Control Algorithm for Pterois Volitans’ Population in South Florida Second Place: $1,000
Ben Coleman Transient-Image Density Evaluation System (TIDES) Second Place: $1,000
Pedro Flores Algorithmic Music Composition Third Place: $500
Hannah Herbst Protecting Civilians and Public Service Personnel Through an Early Identification and Warning System for Airborne Chemicals / SEIAC: A System for the Early Identification for Airborne Chemicals Third Place: $500

To download a flier of the 2016-2017 winners, click here.

2015-2016 Winners

Name Project Title Prize
Evan Clark Identification of the Role of SRSF1 in T Cell Activation and Functions Through the Analysis of High-Throughput Sequencing Data First Place: $1,500
Brent Marshall Automated Baseball Pitching Machine Second Place: $1,000
Jean Baptiste Dalien Automated Baseball Pitching Machine Second Place: $1,000
Weendell Esthema Automated Baseball Pitching Machine Second Place: $1,000
Jonathan Padilla Automated Baseball Pitching Machine Second Place: $1,000
Pedro Flores Using technology to build better lives – the Parking App Third Place: $500
Charles Pratt Queer Images – A Portrait of LGBT Americans Third Place: $500
Bianca Lucien ProScore & Meti Co. Poster Award Winner: $250

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