compass pointing to compliance


  1. to ensure compliance with the regulations associated with the conduct of ethical and safe research.
  2. to provide guidance and support to FAU’s research community to effectively manage and administer research compliance.
  3. to build relationships with our research partners to promote responsibility in the conduct of ethical research.


Stewardship — we value that we have an important role in providing protections for those engaged in research.
Honesty — we value being genuine and sincere with all those we work with.
Accountability — we value being responsible for Division of Research’s charge of compliance, courtesy, performance and efficiency.

Title Email Office Phone
Research Integrity General Email
C. Elisa Gaucher, M.B.A. Assistant Vice President for Research Integrity ME 104 / Room 326 561.297.2318
Judith Martinez, M.Ed. Manager, Training and Unit Operations ME 104 / Room 324 561.297.1383
Kristen Ware, Ph.D. Associate Director, Animal Research Protections Program ME 104 / Room 325 561.297.0961
Dana Mulvaney, B.S. Coordinator, Animal Research Protections Program ME 104 / Room 323 561.297.4992
Andrew Donovan, B.A. Coordinator, Institutional Biosafety Program ME 104 / Room 327 561.297.3697
Donna J. Simonovitch, B.S.H.S.A. Manager Human Research Protections Program ME 104 / Room 329 561.297.1388