Virtual Library: Research Cafe

Individual researchers from the Florida Atlantic community offer live discussions of their research. They also conduct a question and answer session with virtual audience members.

Two different informal presentations by research faculty or graduate students that address the research across FAU.

Research Cafe: Julie Golden-Botti, Ed.D., Marie Petrie, Ph.D.

Julie Golden-Botti, Ed.D., Marie Petrie, Ph.D.,
Oge Marques, Ph.D., Michelle Vaughan, Ed.D.

Promises & Pitfalls of Online Learning

Research Cafe: Oscar Curet, Ph.D. and Carol Tessel, Ph.D.

Oscar M. Curet, Ph.D.
Innovation Through Bio-Inspired Systems

Carol Tessel, Ph.D.
Adult Second Language Pronunciation

Research Cafe: Lilah Besser Ph.D. MSPH and David Kan, Ph.D.

Lilah Besser Ph.D. MSPH
Your Brain on Nature

David Kan, Ph.D.
Traffic With Autonomous Vehicles

Research Cafe: Behnaz Ghoraani, Ph.D. and Aditya Nayak, Ph.D.

Behnaz Ghoraani, Ph.D.
Technology for Improving Healthcare

Aditya Nayak, Ph.D.
Imaging Marine Particles & Plankton

Research Cafe: Lucia Carvelli, Ph.D.

Lucia Carvelli, Ph.D.
Drug Effects Across Generations

Heather Howard, Ph.D.
Healing Mothers With Trauma

Research Cafe: Christine E. Spadola, Ph.D.

Christine E. Spadola, Ph.D.
Her research interests include sleep and mental health promotion, substance abuse and mindfulness.

Research Cafe: Melanie Lorenz, Ph.D.

Melanie Lorenz, Ph.D.
Her focus is in international business and marketing; her research has been published in the Journal of World Business, International Marketing Review, and Academy of Management Learning and Education, among others.

Research Cafe: Meredith Ellis, Ph.D.

Meredith Ellis, Ph.D.
Her research seeks insight as to how people lived in the past. She does this by examining a variety of human skeletal remains found in historical archaeological sites to see what their bodies can tell us about their daily lives, their family, and even life within the larger community. She explores the intersection between the social and biological lives of people.

Research Cafe: Jordon Beckler, Ph.D.

Jordon Beckler, Ph.D.
Topics covered in this presentation include autonomous seafloor biogeochemical exploration, blue hole biogeochemical exploration, harmful algal bloom sediment research, oil spills and sediments and more.

Research Cafe: Topher Maraffi

Topher Maraffi
He teaches undergraduate multimedia production courses in film, video and new media, as well as graduate courses in media, technology and entertainment.

Research Cafe: Vivian Merk Ph.D.

Vivian Merk, Ph.D.
Her work involves bio-inspired crystallization, understanding biological systems and generating bio-inspired composites for use in real-world applications.