Canvas OneDrive Integration


See these instructions on migrating your Canvas information from Google to Microsoft.

For Instructors:

  1. Migrate Content from FAU Google Drive to your FAU OneDrive.
  2. In Canvas, re-link any shared Google files using the new Microsoft OneDrive LTI.
  3. Re-create any Canvas Collaboration to now use Microsoft OneDrive.
  4. Discover all your course options with Microsoft OneDrive and Canvas.

Canvas OneDrive Integration and Google Equivalent

Canvas Feature Google LTI Microsoft LTI

Embed and Link Documents within Rich Content Editor (RCE)



File Upload - Submit Canvas Assignments



Share a Copy of Your Files with Students



Use in Canvas Collaborations



Link Content in Modules





Coming Soon via Microsoft Teams





Where can I find more information on the Microsoft Tools?
Can I continue to use Google at FAU for storage and document collaboration

Yes! You can still use Google Apps, including Drive, Docs, Sites, Slides, Sheets, and Meet with your Google at FAU account. There will now be a 5 GB quota per account.

What happens is I go over my quota?

Your Google Workspace (FAU Owl Apps) storage is shared across Google Drive, Gmail, Google Photos, and the other Google Apps. When your account reaches its storage limit, you will not be able to create or store new files and those with Owl Mail (Gmail) will be unable to send or receive emails. If you remain over quota, your Google Workspace account will be suspended.

What data gets move by the Data Transfer tools?

The Tools only help you move data in the Google Drive, which does not include Google Photos, Sites, Forms, Slides, etc.

Do I get to retain my email if I only attended but did not graduate FAU?

Previous students that did not graduate are not entitled to their FAU Owl Apps account (Gmail, Google Drive, etc.) and will permanently lose access by the end of the year. Please take action immediately to move your data to a personal account.

What do I do about my Google Shared Drives?

The mover and google takeout tools are unable to move shared drives. You can download the files and manually move using Google Drive for desktop and the OneDrive App on your desktop. If you have a very large amount of data and need help moving your data, please contact your IT support for assistance.

What will be my email address?

Your email address will remain the same

Will I lose access to Google Workspace Apps?

No, all students/faculty/staff will still have access to the google workspace platform with the 5GB limited storage.

How will I access my Office 365 email?

You can login directly at or visit MyFAU and click on your email Icon.

What happens to my existing email when I opt-in or are converted to Office 365?

It will be copied over to your new Office 365 mailbox.