Signature Page

The signature page serves to document signed approval of the thesis/dissertation by all committee members, the department head, college dean, and graduate college dean. This page follows a very precise format and wording; students should view the sample signature page within the Thesis and Dissertation Guidelines and download one of our Microsoft Word templates below to replicate accordingly.

Signature Page Formatting Approval (Required before the defense)

A draft of the signature page must be submitted in PDF or Word format to for formatting approval prior to obtaining committee signatures.

  • We recommend that students submit their signature page draft for formatting review a minimum of two weeks prior to their defense date.
  • The signature page is routed electronically by the Graduate College; students should not obtain the signatures on the signature page. For more information, visit: /graduate/degree-completion/thesis-dissertation/index.php.

Signature Page Templates (Download)



*If there are more than six total committee members please contact for a custom template.

Custom Signature Page Templates (Download if you are in these disciplines only)

Doctor of Social Work (DSW)

Marine Science

Formatting of the signature page includes:

  • 2” Top Margin, 1.5” Left Margin, .75” Bottom margin
  • Thesis/dissertation title formatted exactly as it appears on the title page and positioned at the 2” top margin
  • Supervisory committee signature lines: Left-aligned at the Right Margin
  • Dept./College/Graduate College signature lines: Left-aligned at the Left Margin
  • Include the degree of each signee, for example: Jane T. Doe, Ph.D.
  • Do not precede names with “Dr.” except within the paragraph.
  • Date line: Left-aligned at the Right margin
  • Page number iii positioned at the .75” bottom margin

Please visit /graduate/degree-completion/thesis-dissertation/index.php for more information on virtual signature page routing.

Please note: It is the student’s responsibility to ensure that the names and titles of the committee members and college officials listed on the signature page are accurate.

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