Graduation Deadlines

As you prepare to graduate, there are a number of steps to complete. It is important that you work closely with your advisor and department to ensure you have met all requirements to complete your advanced degree. This can include but is not limited to: an approved Plan of Study on file with the Graduate College, completion of a thesis/dissertation/special project, oral or comprehensive examinations, clearance of all incomplete grades, and an application for degree.

Semester Graduation Deadlines

Application for Degree:  All FAU students must complete an  Application for Degree  during the semester in which they intend to graduate. This deadline occurs early in the semester; allow adequate time to start the process. The Application for Degree form must be submitted to the Graduate College by the deadline specified in the  Academic Calendar  . All students must have an approved Plan of Study on file with the Graduate College prior to submission of the Application for Degree form. Note: Meet with your advisor prior to completing the Application for Degree form as some colleges have additional requirements for submitting the Application for Degree.

Commencement:  The Office of the Registrar coordinates commencement and their website is your best source for information on commencement. Please visit the  Graduation Information  section of their website.

Alumni Association:  As a member of the Owl family, now is the time to think about joining the  Alumni Association. Please visit the FAUAA website to learn more about the benefits of membership in this organization.