Plan of Study

All degree-seeking graduate students should have an approved Plan of Study (POS) on file with the Graduate College no later than half-way through their required course work and before enrolling in thesis/dissertation credits, if applicable. Newly admitted students will have access to their Plan of Study following the successful completion of their first semester. Students must have an approved Plan of Study on file with the Graduate College prior to the term in which they intend to graduate.  All students receive email confirmation when their Plan of Study is approved by the Graduate College.

Graduate students will submit their Plans of Study electronically using a system called MyPOS.
To access MyPOS (after successful completion first semester):
1. Log in to your MyFAU account at
2. In the lower-left corner of the page, click on "Academic Success"
3. Scroll down to"Graduate Students Resources", and click on "MyPOS"
4. Follow the prompts

Plan of Study Revisions

As a student progresses through the graduate program, it may become necessary to modify an approved POS. To modify your approved POS, go to MyFAU, and click on "Academic Success", then click on "MyPOS" to initiate an electronic revision for submission and approval by all evaluators. Revisions need only be filed once and may be submitted during the final term the student plans to graduate, prior to the Application for Degree deadline. Departments may have more stringent requirements for POS revisions; please discuss POS requirements with your advisor. 

Plan of Study for Graduate Assistants Receiving Tuition Benefits

Note for graduate students receiving tuition benefits (eligible GAs, GRAs, and GTAs): An approved POS is required to receive tuition benefits beyond the second semester of the assistantship. Students receiving tuition benefits as part of an assistantship are required to file a POS and obtain final approval  from the Graduate College by the end of the second semester of the assistantship. For additional information about teaching, research, and graduate assistantships, please visit our Graduate Assistantships page.

Plan of Study Access and Assistance

Please contact or call 561-297-2203 for assistance with the online Plan of Study system.